A structure fire was reported in St. George at 740 North 1040 East in the old industrial district near a mobile home park on November 14.

Robert Stoker, the Fire Chief for the City of St. George, reported on the details of the fire along with advice for residents to avoid this type of incident from happening.

Chief Stoker said, “In the mobile home park just after 7:30 a.m. this morning, we received a 911 call into our dispatch center reporting a structure fire here at this address. On our crew’s arrival, they found the home had a detached two car garage and then a shed that’s attached to the garage. It looks like the fire started in the smaller shed and then spread to the double garage.”

Chief Stoker said the fire department worked with the local utility companies to stop any fire from spreading to power lines and other dangerous areas. The Santa Clara – Ivin’s Fire Department assisted with other calls in the area as the St. George Fire Department worked on extinguishing the flames.

Chief Stoker continued, “Right now we’re not sure where it was started at, so we’ll be doing an investigation into that, but just as we get into these winter months, make sure that you’ve got a lot of your heating appliances, stoves, furnaces, space heaters, all those things, make sure they have the proper clearance. Make sure they’re clean.”

The fire chief said the dust that gathers on these heating appliances during the summer can start fires if not checked before the winter months. So, while not confirmed, this fire could’ve started from a faulty heating appliance.

The St. George Fire Department have since been able to extinguish the flames, and the investigation will continue throughout the day.

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