St. George locals are aware of this special restaurant in town and it’s the only one you’ll find like it in Southern Utah: Aragosta.  

Though this place is fine dining and not wallet-friendly in the least, it’s beyond worth the try. In fact, I stared at the menu for DAYS prior to going to a family member's birthday at Aragosta. Even food without pictures had my mouth watering and I couldn’t decide between all the delicious options.  

Aragosta is a “contemporary American & Fine European” cuisine from the restaurants Executive Chef Imi Kun. The menu is a mix of unique seafood, French-style meals, and the most delicious-looking pastas. It’s a mix of any food lover’s dream foods.  

I grew up to be someone who enjoys foods of acquired tastes like escargot which for those who aren’t familiar, is snail.  


Generally, travel to Las Vegas of Salt Lake is required to get escargot but not at this one location. It was amazing and buttery, but I’ll skip the details for our more squeamish readers.  

In between appetizers and the main course, a pallet cleanser is sent out in the form of a lemon sorbet. It really makes the fine dining feel REAL. 


The true piece de resistance was the Hungarian tenderloin goulash. This was my first taste of anything Hungarian and I wish we had more! Smothered in a Hungarian paprika sauce over the fall-apart tenderloin, this gave serious stew vibes but in a more decadent way. It was served with spaetzle which is a type of egg noodle/ dumpling mix.  

It was the most unique assortment of flavors I have ever experienced, and I will be going back for my own birthday celebration because, duh.  

Other people with me ordered more usual food like the Aragosta filet mignon and the Chilean sea bass. I can positively say the results were the same as my own. Everything was perfect.  


We ended with the most amazing caramel monkey pudding cake. It came with some vanilla ice cream and inside was a layer of DATES. Before you shake your head in disgust, it made the cake creamy and even sweeter, and the taste of dates is almost chocolatey. A 100/10 moment for sure.  


Aragosta is a St. George treasure since getting anything similar requires travel. It’s been around for a long time and even moved locations in the last few years.  

If you haven’t, give it a try. If it’s been a while, walk, don’t run.  


Fine Food In St. George

St. George locals always want the next big food place to try, and while new is great, the upscale classics are always worth a visit.  

If you’re a local, you probably already know about these food stops, but here is a refresh on some of St. George’s nicest food places: 


Wood, Ash, Rye- 4.3 Stars (Google Reviews) 

This restaurant was a must-try when it first opened a few years ago, and it seems just as popular now. Generally considered a more up-scale location, Wood, Ash, Rye offers a variety of foods. They focus on sourcing as many ingredients locally as possible. Executive Chef Shon Foster is inspired by Southern Utah's “pioneering dining roots and hearty fare” according to the website 

The menu is a full course beginning from breakfast to dinner and the restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Many of the entrees are “share style” according to the menu, however, this place is by no means “cheap” despite the encouragement of sharing. Dinner proteins like prime filet and striploin are of course up in the $60 to $80 while other dinner options are at market price.  

Despite the pricey outlook of Wood, Ash, Rye many locals looking for a more “official” style date night tend to gravitate here. The restaurant is certainly somewhere to dress a little nicer, spend a lot more money and eat some decent food. 

Cliffside-4.5 Stars (Google Reviews) 

The Cliffside restaurant is known for its view overlooking St. George across from Utah Tech on the ridge. The website boasts its food as “upscale American cuisine”. Offering lunch and dinner, this place has everything one would expect from an American inspired menu. There are burgers, fries, soups and salads, steaks and more.  

Their prices seem to be very on brand for a more upscale eatery. Even the appetizers are at least $10 while the entrees themself can range anywhere from $15 to $50 depending on what's ordered. It may seem outlandishly prices, especially right now but apparently, the steaks are to die for.  

The Painted Pony-4.6 Stars (Google Review) 

Last but not least is the Painted Pony. A long-time favorite of locals who want to break out of the usual food options in St. George. Its website claims its menu is “contemporary seasonal cuisine”, and the atmosphere is “casual fine dining”.  

From pork chops to ravioli, this place has probably the most different of all the menu items. The protein selection is larger than the other two restaurants and the sides are unique outside of just salads or fries. There are truffled ruffles, a blue cheese walnut stuffed pear, and plenty more to choose from. The dinner entrees begin at $30 and only continue to go up. This place is for super special celebrations or the rich and famous.  

What’s your favorite St. George fine dining location? 


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