During the State of the City Address for St. George in February, Mayor Michele Randall announced three neighborhood open houses for residents to socialize with city officials.

The first of those open houses is scheduled for March 28 at Sun River at St. George from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Mayor Randall emphasized the importance of these types of events during the State of the City while announcing a myriad of other projects.

Mayor Randall said during the address, “Neighborhood open houses provide a comfortable setting to talk to elected officials and department heads, where you can learn about things that interest you in St. George.”

David Cordero, the Communications Director for the City of St. George, said everyone is invited to the Sun River Neighborhood Open House regardless of whether they live in the area.

Cordero said, “It’s open to everybody and it’s a great opportunity to interact with city staff, and pretty much every department is going to be there as well as our elected officials, mayor, and city council members. It’s a great way just to find out what’s going on with your city and ask questions.”

If you’ve ever had a burning question that just needs to be answered by a local person in power, then these types of events are the place to do it. Whether it’s about public works, water conservation, economic development, or even recreational activities like golf or pickleball, these big wigs will be there to hear from you on March 28.

No main agenda is planned for these events, you just attend the event and socialize. If you can’t make it to the Sun River Neighborhood Open House, then you’ll have two other chances to attend similar events in 2024.

Another neighborhood open house is planned for Vernon Worthen Park on September 26, and the last open house will take place at Mathis Park on October 24.


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