The morning commute was pretty bad for a lot of people today. LeVerkin, Toquerville and parts of Hurricane, plus Leeds and the entire Black Ridge got socked with snow.

With the temperatures lingering in the high 20s and a bit of moisture in other places, there was also black ice and slick going for many southern Utahns.

Of course, when this kind of stuff is going on, anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense is going to slow down, right? You know the old advice: Slow down, increase the distance between you and the car ahead of you, go light in the brakes, don't make any sudden lane changes or turns. Generally speaking, drive cautiously.

Given that knowledge, I was stunned (as many of you were) to see this post from the Utah Highway Patrol:

attachment-Facebook - Google Chrome 12_13_2022 12_17_45 PM - Edited

Crashes in poor weather are no surprise. The roads get slick, people slide off, hopefully they have their seatbelts on and everyone walks away.

But the stupidity involved in going 93, 96 and even 102-miles per hour in snowy weather boggles the mind.

Seriously, what is wrong with this person?!

A sample of the comments from this post:

Tim R. -- Anyone driving 100 mph in snowy conditions should be arrested period

Norman P. -- Ok 100 mph on a nice day is starting to push things, why would you consider doing this in the snow?

And this simple, but brutally honest comment from Lorie P -- Wow. That is someone with a death wish.

There's a pretty good chance we've all sped once or twice in our lives (or more), but the odds of staying on the road and avoiding becoming a deadly 3,600-pouind death missile in the snow are very slim, indeed, when you choose to go that fast.

Like the dad used to say on "The Goldbergs" -- Don't Be A Moron!


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