Park Rangers with Zion National Park responded to reports of a male hiker found unresponsive on a trail within the park.

An e-mail that contained a press release was sent to various publications across Utah to inform the public of this unfortunate discovery.

The press release said, “On the afternoon of January 26, Zion National Park received a report of an unresponsive hiker on the West Rim Trail near Scout Lookout. Rangers immediately responded and hiked to the patient with medical equipment including an automated external defibrillator (AED) and a heart monitor. When they reached the patient, visitors with emergency medical training were performing CPR and directing other visitors who assisted.”

Rangers attempted to resuscitate the hiker through CPR and other live-saving methods, but after about 90 minutes of emergency treatment, a doctor pronounced the man dead. According to the press release, the man was 63 years old and was visiting from San Diego.

Superintendent Jeff Bradybuagh from Zion National Park expressed his sympathy for the loss of this man and his family who had just lost their loved one.

Bradybaugh said, “All of us at Zion extend our deepest condolences to this hiker’s family…We also want to express thanks to the bystanders who assisted by performing CPR.”

As for the cause of death, early investigations reported through the press release said the man’s death showed signs of cardiac arrest. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office assists the National Park Service and the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner with the investigation.

The West Rim Trail at Zion National Park was closed to the public until the initial investigation concluded. The trail was then opened once again in the afternoon of January 26.

We’ll provide more information as more details are released, but if you’re planning on traveling to Zion National Park for some rigorous hiking, be prepared for any situation as there is no guarantee that Search and Rescue will be able to assist you.

Carry plenty of water, consider bringing a GPS device of some kind that isn’t just your phone, and use a dedicated light source. Stay safe out there.


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