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By Bryan Hyde

Family can be the source of intense drama and intrigue. 

Yet, whatever difficulties may be a part of family life, it’s still considered a supreme complement to tell someone that they are like family. After all, we don’t expect family members to be perfect. 


For most of us, family is the most stable and loving institution available to us. When other institutions are crumbling, the family can still function -- if we are willing to work together.

Think about how few things are left that can be counted on in this world today. Family remains the most basic unit of society -- next to the individual. It should be our primary refuge in times of trouble.

After all, each of us are fighting our own unique battles as we go through life. We need to have someone on our side.

If we’re focused on differences of opinion or past mistakes, we are likely missing prime opportunities to strengthen family connections that make all the difference.

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner
Catherine Yeulet

This seems like such an obvious thing, yet it isn’t until we are missing the warmth of those relationships that we realize how little these differences really matter. 

It’s shocking how easy it is to take family members for granted or to simply overlook the blessing of associating with them because we assume they’ll always be there.

Solid family relationships improve the quality of our lives in ways we often overlook. We should think carefully before we allow something else to have a higher priority in our lives. 

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