Published with permission

By Bryan Hyde

We live in a time when it’s easy to find our faith in humanity diminishing.

Here’s a story to remind us of what we are like at our best.


A few years ago, a friend reached out to me asking for prayers for his 6-month-old baby daughter. She had been in severe pain, throwing up and running a fever for several days.

My friend and his wife had admitted her to the hospital where test after test failed to show any reason why she might be so sick. After 3 days, the decision was made to do exploratory surgery which is when they discovered something no one had yet considered.

The 6-month-old child’s appendix had ruptured -- something almost unheard of in patients this young.


Within a couple of days, the infant was home again, happy, healthy and bright-eyed. But that’s not the most inspiring part of this story.

When my friend reached out to me asking me to pray for his daughter’s well-being, on a whim, I  asked my friends on social media to exercise their faith on her behalf.

The response was immediate and heartfelt. Even many non-believer friends sent their positive thoughts.

None of them knew this family or even this little girl’s name. All they knew was that someone was in peril and needed their support. And they gave it without hesitation.

Seeing them come together to lift someone in need was a reminder of what humanity looks like at its very best.

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