By Bryan Hyde

Few things are as poorly understood as the concept of natural law. 

In its most basic form, natural law consists of those laws that exist entirely independent of government or man-made laws.


It’s tempting to reduce natural law to simple laws of science, like the law of gravity or the unalienable – meaning untouchable – rights of every human soul. 

Would it surprise you to know that natural law also includes the law of the harvest, which dictates that we reap whatever we have sown? 

Not surprisingly, this can have positive and negative connotations.

On the positive side, the gardens that we planted last spring and faithfully tended through the hot summer months are providing us with a reward that we can feast upon and share.

Organic garden at summer harvest
Zbynek Pospisil

The negative side to the law of the harvest is that we can also inherit the results of wrongdoing by others. A family history of abuse can be handed down and perpetuated for multiple generations. 

Likewise, the decisions of wicked or unwise leaders can leave future generations impoverished, enslaved or corrupted. This seems to fit well with the situation in which we find ourselves today.

Whether we’ve personally played by the rules or not, we’ve all seen that rain falls on the just and the unjust.

Thankfully, we still have the opportunity to sow what future generations will reap.

Changing things for the better starts with genuinely understanding how the law of the harvest applies to individual and societal choices.

-- Hyde In Plain Sight is written by KDXU personality Bryan Hyde. Catch his daily HIPS vignette at 7:50-ish every weekday morning on KDXU and listen to Bryan's show weekends at 7 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday nights.

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