The Southern Utah summer heat has officially arrived and dog owners just like me are wondering how to navigate walks, outdoor activities, and avoid heat stroke.  

I grew up with a backyard and plenty of room for our animals to sprawl out in the sun. However, those days are gone, and apartment living is where I am now. My poor corgi is double-coated and not built for the heat, but I don’t want her to be cooped up all day. That means two things in the summer—going on walks extremely early/late or finding some sort of water feature.  

As I have a smaller dog, big river trips aren’t really the best and hiking to a water feature can be just as bad.  

There are several websites that give advice on how to keep your pets cool in the summer but the biggest concern I have is making sure my dog’s paws don’t get burned.

There is a lovely dog park in Washington City that is well maintained. Even the walk from the car to the sidewalk, to the dog park is brutal.  

So, the dilemma of WHAT to put on my dog’s feet has been swirling in my brain. has a few recommendations on how to keep them cool but for protecting your animals' paws there are really only the options of booties or wax.  

  • The first and most obvious tip is to assess the weather. If it’s sweltering out and YOU don’t want to go for a walk, try something inside or in the shade for activity.  
  • Find a different path. Anything with grass and water is the best but even dirt paths are better than pavement.  
  • Try not to go out during the hottest part of the day. You’ll hate it and so will your furry friend.  
  • Dog Booties—These are essentially hiking boots for your dog and protect them from jagged rocks and other sharp objects you might encounter. However, some dogs will just hate them. There is a whole process to getting your dog used to walking in them.  
  • Paw Wax—For those fur babies that refuse the booties, this is a good alternative. You can put this on before heading out and it helps with heat protection as well as from cuts and scrapes. Plus, your dog’s paws will be MOISTURIZED.  

Booties tend to cost quite a bit and are anywhere from $20-40 a pair. Since my dog is not a fan of all those cute clothes I get her it’s safe to assume she will hate the booties.  

Looks like it’s a paw wax summer! 


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