St. George is currently undergoing a serious freeway construction project in between the Washington and Hurricane sections of I-15. While it will be quite nice to enjoy the luxury of extra lanes while making your way outside of St. George, the traffic that comes as a result of the construction has been anything but luxurious. 

As I was driving down I-15 while jamming to the soundtrack of “Guardians of the Galaxy” as one does, an accident on the already busy section of construction of I-15 caused traffic to come to an absolute halt. It took so long to make out of the jam, I had made it to the soundtrack of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” before I was well on my way to Cedar City. 

It wasn’t until I was two hours into what was supposed to be a 45-minute drive that I realized there was a very simple way to avoid that busy section of I-15, and it will only take you an average of ten more minutes to implement my ‘pushes up non-existent glasses’ strategy. 

All you need to do is to take River Road all the way down into Red Cliffs, then pass the Best Buy, go down East Telegraph and turn into Washington Parkway. The entrance into I-15 at that point isn’t under construction and will give you a clear path to a three-lane path to Hurricane.  

It’s that simple. Sure, it can be a pain to drive deep into town to get onto the freeway, but it certainly beats getting swamped in a cramped section under construction. 

What I mean to say is work smarter, not harder everyone. 

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