Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, executive director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Precision Genomics Program, has been honored with the prestigious Cancer Community (C2) award for advancing precision medicine to bring more personalized treatments to cancer patients.

During a virtual announcement, presenters pointed to Dr. Nadauld’s groundbreaking work at Intermountain’s Precision Genomics program for increasing life expectancy of cancer patients while lowering their total cost of care.

“Intermountain’s approach to precision medicine, which analyzes cancer at the genetic level to find better treatments to stop the disease can double the survival rates of late-stage cancer patients while decreasing associated costs by 23 percent,” said Dr. Nadauld.

“These individualized treatments allow for a whole new way to battle cancer, but more importantly it gives our patients renewed hope,” he added. “It’s an incredible honor to see the work of our team receiving national recognition from such prestigious organizations.” 

The national C2 Awards are presented annually by biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca in partnership with Scientific American Custom Media to honor unsung heroes of cancer care.

The awards are part of the broader YOUR Cancer Program which was launched to spotlight those contributing towards eliminating cancer as a cause of death. This year there were more than 130 nominations from 31 states.

“Cancer impacts millions of Americans and is something no one should ever have to experience alone,” said Jeremy Abbate, Publisher, Scientific American Custom Media. “This year’s winners and finalists collectively embody the sentiment and purpose of the C2 Awards.”

The next major cancer project Dr. Nadauld and Intermountain are undertaking through Precision Genomics is the HerediGene: Population Study.

The massive study aims to analyze the DNA of 500,000 participants to better understand how disease affects the body. The hope is to discover better methods for detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases including cancer.

Nearly two years into the five-year study researches have already discovered hundreds of patients with a hereditary cancer gene.

“This information allows our patients to be aware of their susceptibility to certain cancers and work with their doctors for continued screening,” said Dr. Nadauld. “Even just a few years ago none of this seemed possible, but now people may be able to catch cancers even earlier and have a better chance of survival. I believe we’re at the beginning of a major milestone in cancer treatment.”

The C2 Awards feature four categories: extending quality care to underserved communities, improving the patient experience, advancing precision medicine and doing something tangible and inspiring for patients.

As the winner of a C2 Award, Dr. Nadauld receives $50,000 to donate to a non-profit of his choice. He plans to give the money to Intermountain Precision Genomics to continue benefiting patients and research in the fight against cancer.

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