Dr. David Blodgett, who is the director of the Southwest Utah Public Health Department and is the former chief resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital in New York, stopped by the Andy Griffin Show Wednesday and put his brilliant mind to work settling some of the medical myths (or are they?) that we've all believed since our mamas told them to us way back when.

Myth No. 1 -- If you pull one gray hair, several more will grow back in its place.

Not true. Blodgett says: "Gray hair comes about from several different factors ... genetics, and aging when your body doesn't produce enough of the chemicals it takes to keep your hair whatever color it originally was."

Myth No. 2 -- You need to drink eight glasses (64 ounces) of water every day.

Not true. Blodgett says: "This is one of those where nobody can figure out where that recommendation came from. Is it healthy to drink plenty of water? Yes. But is eight a magic number and we need to get there? The answer is no, and most people don't."

Myth No. 3 -- You shouldn't hold in a sneeze.

True. Blodgett says: "I sued to hold them in all the time, but then I went and got eye surgery and my surgeon said, 'Whatever you do, don't hold your sneeze in because it increases the pressure in your whole cranial cavity.'"

Myth No. 4 -- Dropped food is OK to eat as long as you pick it up within five seconds

Not true. Blodgett says: "If it's a contaminated surface and you drop something on it, it doesn't matter how long it's there. It will get contaminated."

Myth No. 5 -- People shrink as they age

True. Blodgett says: "It's true, you get smaller as you get older and you also get smaller as the day goes on. Gravity takes over. You compress a little with the weight of the day. And you see a substantial change with people over the span of a lifetime."

Myth No. 6 -- Exercise before bed disrupts sleep

True. Blodgett says: "Generally, exercise within about two hours of going to bed will interfere with sleep. However, there are some exercises (like Yoga) that could actually help with sleep."

Myth No. 7 -- Stress causes myriad health problems, even death

True. Blodgett says: "Stress does cause all kinds of health issues, but it is so hard to quantify. We do know that work is important, and play is important. It's balance in life that you need."

Myth No. 8 -- Eggs are bad for you.

Not true. Blodgett says: "There are few things in life that have a perfect balance of protein, and the egg is one of them. Eggs are about as good a food as you're going to find."

Myth No. 8 -- Microwaves and GMO plants cause cancer

Not true. Blodgett says: "They just don't."


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