Friday night, I went out to try a BRAND NEW RESTAURANT: Soul Ramen & Noodles.
They're located at 1480 S River Road INSIDE 8 Moons Thai & Sushi, right by Popeyes!

You walk in and they LITERALLY ask you if you want Thai or Ramen, then direct you to the right half or left half of the restaurant. Kinda weird... But whatever!

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Right as I walked in and sat down I couldn't help but notice how many people were in the building for dinner! It was pretty busy, and I wasn't expecting it to be.


I ordered the Shoyu Ramen - Chicken broth with wavy noodles, green onions, marinated soft egg, with corn. HOT spice level. ($9.99)


My friend, Brayden ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen - House favorite, rich pork and chicken broth with house blend of chili, garlic ginger and shoyu base with wavy noodles and soft boiled egg and braised pork belly. MILD spice level. ($9.99)


He also ordered the BBQ Chashu Bun as an appetizer. That's a soft steamed bun with braised pork, cucumber, onion, drizzled with BBQ sauce. ($4.99)



My Shoyu Ramen was supposed to be HOT and I think they forgot to put the spice in. It had absolutely no spice to it at all. But it was still good. I instantly knew the portion wasn't big enough though. I thought I'd still be hungry afterward.  Noodles were good. Not too soft and mushy. 6/10

Braydens Appetizer, BBQ Chashu Bun showed up at the table and instantly threw us off with the look of it. It looks like raw dough and it was cold. But maybe that's the way it's supposed to be! But then we realized it was a STEAMED bun, so that made sense. "Bread was strange. But, Overall it tasted very fresh. I liked it." 6/10.
Brayden's Tonkotsu Ramen was a smaller portion like mine, and he didn't like the egg. The flavor wasn't very good. 4/10.

Another thing that was kind of strange... We were given plastic cups, like Walmart cups... But everyone else in the building had glass looking/plastic cups. See Below.


Our total came out to $27.85 for 2 people and an appetizer. Not bad for someone to go to for a date night.



DJ: The service was pretty good. The staff was nice and friendly. I would definitely give them another chance, I'm a BIG fan of ramen! I want to try the HOT level for sure. Likelihood to go back: 8/10.

Brayden: He's not a fan of ramen already, and wasn't crazy about any of the flavors. But agreed the staff was friendly, and the service was good.
Likelihood to go back: 2/10.



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