It was announced today that the some Utah Albertson's (now owned by Kroger) will potentially be offloaded in the coming future. Four Albertson's stores, including the two in Washington County are proposed to be offloaded to other retailers.

  • Albertsons - 745 North Dixie Drive, St. George
  • Albertsons - 915 West Red Cliffs Road, Washington
  • Lucky Store - 729 North Redwood Road, Salt Lake City
  • Lucky Store - 6936 South Redwood Road, West Jordan

Washington Albertson's:

Dixie Drive Albertson's:

If this actually happens, and Albertson's is OUT, and Kroger doesn't fill the spot, what can fill the void in those massive locations?

Here are the TOP SPOTS that should take over these locations?!


This seems to be one of the most requested grocery stores (minus Trader Joe's). But I could see this happening! WINCO is unique because it's majority employee-owned, so the employees REALLY WANT the store to be successful, since they have stake in it. They're located in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods is the MECCA for the health nuts! I think it would really give Harmon's a run for their money, and be incredibly successful in Southern Utah! They're also a subsidiary of Amazon, too. Both of these locations are HUGE, so they could definitely home a Whole Foods!


Publix Super Markets are out of Florida, but they're all over the United States. But this might be a stretch because they're only located mostly in the South: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.


Founded in 1961, Aldi is a discount-grocery store that people LOVE! With the economy and the crazy inflation, a discount-grocery store could be amazing to have here!

Nordstrom Rack:

The shopping for clothing in St. George has ALWAYS lacked! We really need to step it up if we're growing as fast as we are. Plus, we're becoming a tourist destination. Nordstrom Rack is REALLY nice clothing, but still on discount. This location might be a little too big, but I'm okay with it being a bit bigger than the usual ones.


Menards is a big chain in the Midwest United States. It's like a Home Improvement retailer, meets... home decor and grocery store. Think of Home Depot and a smaller super market inside the store! It's actually awesome, and I think it could do really well in town!

What would YOU like to see fill these two massive locations?!

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