In southern Utah we are PATRIOTIC and I love it.

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At one point my kids would count how many flags they could see on the trip form Grandma's in Bloomington to Grandma's on the Black Hill (the one with the 'D' on it) in St George. I think the most they counted was 9. They were beautiful.

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Then Nielson RV put up the biggest pole in all of southern Utah with a huge flag waving for all of those driving passed on I-15 to see. It was magnificent.

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Soon there was controversy because the City of St George code enforcement told owner, Scott Nielson, that he had to take it down. The pole was 5 times higher than the city ordinance allowed. It was a 150 foot flag pole that cost around $225K. Whoa! The citizens were up in arms about it. Everyone one wanted it to remain. Veterans from all over the area and beyond were trying to donate funds to get the flag put back up. Eventually the City of St George approved the flag pole.

Reality TV gif. Supermodel Heidi Klum excitedly claps and dances in a cloud of confetti on America's Got Talent.

Fast forward to today. Scott Nielson sold Nielson RV and the flag pole was replaced with a smaller pole. He managed to get his pole back and now...B in the new veterans memorial park! (Details to come soon.) They will be building the new veterans memorial park in sections as they raise funds. This donated flag pole/flag will be a great addition to the park honoring our local veterans.

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There is a  GoFundMe page set up for donations to the memorial park. If you feel more comfortable donating in person you can do it at Hurricane City Hall.

Coming soon....Nielson said he plans to put up the tallest flagpole in North America on his Jellystone Park property. That would be soooooo cool.  He is still trying to work it out with the City of Hurricane. He said he would share more details soon.

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