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Road Trip Time! Spring is on it's way and longer days are coming soon. Yay!!!! Spring Fever is in full force. Seasonal depression is gonna be kicked to the curb. I am due for a good road trip. I get some delicious snacks and plenty of water and head out on the road to literally ANYWHERE.

We have some gorgeous terrain in Utah and there is never enough time to see it all.


U.S. Route 89 is the longest road in Utah. It is a north-south United States Highway spanning more than 502 miles through the central part of the state. Between Provo and Brigham City, US-89 is sometimes parallel to I-15 and is used as a local frontage road or it joins I-15 for portions of the drive. But from Arizona up north to Provo and from Brigham City northeast to Wyoming it stands as it's own road.

US-89 starts at the bottom of Utah inside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, just north of the Glen Canyon Dam. It crosses the Colorado River near Page, Arizona.


US-89 stays near the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument and then over to Kanab, US-89 meets up with the north end of US-89A which is an alternate route south into Arizona, and then turns a sharp north and begins climbing the staircase. You can see sights like The Vermilion Cliffs near Kanab, White Cliffs, head to Zion National Park and then on into the Sevier Valley.


You can choose to connect to other state roads and check out Bryce Canyon National Park and drive through beautiful towns like Circleville & Marysvale on up to Manti, Ephraim, Mount Pleasant and Fairview. US-89 travels all though some great canyons, along rivers and shows off some of the most beautiful areas of Utah.

Another thing to check out is near the area of Thistle Creek/ Fairview junction with US-6, there is a ghost town flooded by a landslide in 1983. I definitely want to put that on my list to check out!

What are your favorite places in Utah? Let me know and I will compile a complete list of MUST-STOPS for your summer road trips. Send Ideas to

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Here Are The Most Irish Cities in Utah

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Do you have the Luck o' the Irish?  No worries if you don't, you can use some of mine. I am of Irish decent on both sides of my family. My paternal great- grandma was Verna Rawle Carrigan, who's family hailed from Carbury, County Kildare, Ireland.

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And on my mother's side the Irish ancestry can be traced back as far back as the year 549 to King Ainmercach of Ireland. Whoa!

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If you want to celebrate in style this St Patrick's Day and you are looking for the largest gathering of Irish, then look no further then these Utah Cities.

Here are the top ten most Irish cities in Utah, per capita.

1. Duck Creek Village, Utah # of People- 94 or 21.87%

2. Ibapah, Utah # of People- 128 or 15.38%

3. Junction, Utah # of People- 100 or 14.14%

4. Jensen, Utah # of People- 727 or 14.13%

5. Wallsburg, Utah # of People- 707 or 13.33%

6. Echo, Utah # of People- 73 or 12.74%

7. Moab, Utah # of People- 8,506 or 11.93%

8. Emery, Utah # of People- 355 or 11.45%

9. Kenilworth, Utah # of People- 195 or 11.17%

10. Park Valley, Utah # of People- 270 or 10.96%

Check out how many more southern Utah cities are in the top 100!

Southern Utah cleans up at this game. Cedar City and St George are full of us Irish. Those 2 cities have the highest numbers of Irish in the state!

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13. Toquerville, Utah # of People- 349 or 10.19%

14. Park City, Utah # of People- 20,632 or 10.03%

19. Escalante, Utah # of People- 971 or 9.53%

20. Lake Powell, Utah # of People- 134 or 9.47%

22. Kanab, Utah # of People- 4,777 or 9.23%

26. Virgin, Utah # of People- 626 or 8.81%

28. Veyo, Utah # of People- 724 or 8.64%

29. Parowan, Utah # of People- 2,680 or 8.43%

32. Koosharem, Utah # of People- 294 or 8.01%

43. Enterprise, Utah # of People- 1,472 or 7.27%

46. Orderville, Utah # of People- 533 or 7.10%

47. Paragonah, Utah # of People- 652 or 7.08%

51. Marysvale, Utah # of People- 467 or 7.02%

57. Gunlock, Utah # of People- 253 or 6.69%

59. Ivins, Utah # of People- 4,325 or 6.62%

61. Cedar City, Utah # of People- 29,204 or 6.58%

62. New Harmony, Utah # of People- 875 or 6.53%

68. Panguitch, Utah # of People- 2,054 or 6.37%

70. Hurricane, Utah # of People- 12,473 or 6.31%

79. Central, Utah # of People- 489 or 5.93%

84. La Verkin, Utah # of People- 3,396 or 5.80%

85. Salt Lake City, Utah # of People- 567,641 or 5.75%

86. Tropic, Utah # of People- 514 or 5.73%

93. Washington, Utah # of People- 8,641 or 5.64%

97. St George, Utah # of People- 51,535 or 5.54% My People! Straight up invasion.

Find the whole list of top 100 here:

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