Pickleball has become a way of life in the Beehive State.

In fact, per PickleHeads.com, Utah is the state showing the most interest in pickleball right now based on Google trends (full article here)

Interest in pickleball has increased 467% over the past 5 years as measured by Google Trends:

Interest in Pickleball by Google Trends

Utah is the state showing the most interest in pickleball currently. Arizona has the second highest interest in pickleball, followed by Minnesota in third.

Interest in Pickleball by Google Trends - Sub-Region

Here are some of my favorite Pickleball Places in Utah:

Quin Snyder's Old Pickleball Mansion


Anytime somebody has a pickleball court at their house it makes me incredibly jealous. It seems like every third house in Little Valley here in St. George has its own pickleball court.

The laid back nature of the sport clearly helped relax Snyder.

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks - Game One
Getty Images

Sharon Park in Orem Utah

r/pickleball on Reddit u/alma24
u/alma24 on Reddit

How about this view in Orem??

I need to remember this place next time I'm up there.

Some Courts in Provo

I included this one because it shows how in-demand pickleball is over tennis.

If it were up to me, every tennis court would be converted to pickle immediately!

Hans Hoffman Design 

@_hanshoffman on Twitter
@_hanshoffman on Twitter

There's like a billion courts in this render.

Let's put it out by the airport!

Little Valley Pickleball Complex, St. George, UT

And of course the best of the best...

This is place is heaven.

There's always courts open, except maybe on league nights, but even then you can get on. St. George is one of the best pickleball cities in the country!


DIVORCED! Because of Pickle...a How-to Guide for Southern Utahns

attachment-Pickleball divorce cover

Pickleball is the greatest sport ever invented by a couple of stoners from Washington.

Here's how to use it to get a divorce from your wife.

1 - Remind your wife to come up to the kitchen line when you're on the return.


They love being told this every point.

"Sweetie, come up!"

"Come up!"

"You're too far back...come up by me!"

"Up here, babe!"


"Come up to the kitchen!"

And then eventually...

"Dammit, I said get your a** up to the line!!!!"

When it gets to this point, you go home from the VRBO in an Über and don't see the kids for a while.

For some reason a lot of women aren't keen on playing pickleball at the net, but don't let that prevent you from mansplaining your way into a legal separation.

2 - Remind them to stay OUT of the kitchen


You can say something like:

"Sweetie I haven't seen you in the kitchen this much since before we got married!"

That's hilarious.

No one has ever made that joke before.

Your wife is going to get a big kick out of it.

3 - Do really well with the neighborhood hussy when you switch up teams.


Affairs are rampant in pickleball communities.

It all starts when you kick trash with your new partner.

Let's say...you don't have to remind her to come up to the line every time.

Or let's say...she slams one on a game-point for the win, and you and her perform a sort of complicated handshake that has several steps that culminates in the two of you jumping in the air and "side-bumping"...

Call your lawyer.

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