The St. George Tabernacle Getting Some Needed Repairs 

If you have driven past this historical building in St. George, you may have noticed the St. George Tabernacle has a chain link fence around the front and construction equipment near by. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced the closure of the building for some needed repairs. They are working on the roof, doing some painting, and replacing the steps out front. 


What Will the Front of the Tabernacle Look Like?

Grass Creek Construction is doing the work on the stairs. I talked with KC Peisley one of the owners of the company about what was being changed. "Right at the top of the stairs there isn't much of a landing," said Piesley. "Will be adding a larger section there."

I asked if those were the original stairs and he said they were not. I also asked if the look of the tabernacle will change. "It will look fairly similar," said Piesley. "Before the stairs were pre-cast concrete, now we're going to pour it right there."

They have carefully salvaged the red sandstone from the previous staircase. Any stone they add to the exterior will be from the same quarry. This will keep the look and feel of the building that was built by early settlers of the area.

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The reconstruction should be done by the end of the summer and the St. George Tabernacle can resume being a place for the community to gather.

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