One thing that Utah is known for is being a conservative state, meaning that it limits alcohol over five percent to state licensed liquor stores and prohibits marijuana used for recreational purposes.  

Until 2021, cannabis was completely illegal in the state however its now under the controlled substance act and those with a medical card can legally purchase it.  

Though this is a well-known fact for residents of Utah, we are surrounded by several states that have legalized the drug for recreational purposes. One of our closest neighbors, Nevada, was one of the first states to do so.  

However, those coming and going through the state may not even be aware of its limitations, especially if they are only passing through. It's not uncommon to get hit with a possession ticket here in Utah.  

So, what do you do if you got caught with weed in Utah? 

Well, an attorney answered this question for one panicked Utahn on Quora. There will first be the need to make a court appearance if you’re a local. Then, you will need to decide on what plea you’ll be making (guilty or not guilty). After that, it's a matter of if this is your first offense and if you have legal representation.  

This Utah attorney recommends finding legal representation that specializes in drug-related cases. If this is a first-time offense, the punishment can range from a fine to something more severe.  

With decent representation, you could even be recommended for a program.  

So, despite how scary this sounds, there are ways to handle getting a possession ticket in Utah.  


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