Innovative minds at Dixie Technical College were recognized for their tiny homes by Utah State Representative Walt Brooks.  

A press release said that the Drafting and Design Program built tiny homes in Utah State Parks. Brooks was not the only one to recognize the students on Wednesday, April 26. Members of the Utah State Parks and faculty and staff from the college were also there to each of the students with a plaque.  

Brooks wanted to add vacation homes to state parks using a local solution. With the collaboration between the college and the state parks, they were able to approve all five designs the students made.  

You guys took this by the bit and ran, and the innovation that came out of this was phenomenal,” Brooks said to the students. “We don’t get this level of quality out in the general population. That really says something to the program that you have at Dixie Tech.”   

Dixie Tech College President Jordan Rushton was also at the event to congratulate the students.  

Certainly, I think all of these students would agree that it improved their experience by having something real that they could do, and that’s what we’re all about here,” Rushton said. 

The students were presented their awards by Deputy Director of Utah State Parks Scott Strong. Darci Hafen, Ethan Jeffs, Rebecca Ryan, Taylee Wood, Kayla Foster, and instructor Bill McMurrin were all recognized at the event.  

“It’s been amazing to work with students,” Strong said. “My dream and my vision is now that we have the drawings that we’ll be able to actually produce them. They’ll be designed and manufactured in Utah by students.” 

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