“Girl Dinner” has been around for a long, long time and Southern Utah is well versed in it.  

If you’re confused, don’t worry. This term is relatively new and has been gaining attention everywhere but there’s a high chance you’ve already been participating. To some, the concept seems pretty lacking but for those of us with low cooking skills(me) and zero cares after 5 p.m. (also me) this is a MUST.  

The term was coined on TikTok in Summer of 2023 and has blown up since. It began as spreads of charcuterie board-style dinners and has now devolved into complete chaos. There are some issues such as the gendered term and the idea that girls NEED to eat less. However, the term is fun and that’s all.  

ANYONE can have “girl dinner” be it a woman or man. It's simply a snack style for when cooking just isn’t it.  

So, after heading to the St. George Word of Mouth, I found that many of us locals enjoy doing a “girl dinner”. 

Some were fairly normal while others were intriguing. The most common foods were cottage cheese, hummus, various chips, and fruit.  

You're confusing the old folks.  Also, it’s a cup of ramen and a popsicle.” 

“Mmm I love a good Diet Coke, Wheat Thins, and cottage cheese. Or Doritos and cottage cheese when I’m really not watching what I eat.” 

“Quesadilla or microwave “nachos”. 

“I like making sandwiches. Pepper turkey, pickles. Mayo, Pepperoncini's, and eating somewhere quiet.” 

These were some of the more expected answers but there were also some more chaotic and fun-looking dinners.  

Lately it’s been grapes mixed with sour cream, cream cheese, brown sugar, and cashews! Best thing I’ve ever had in my life!!   

“Chips and cottage cheese, Nutella on anything, Eggos, apples, cinnamon, and sugar toast”. 

“A tub of cottage cheese and cheddar pretzels with a Diet Coke”. 

“Avocados and Hot Cheetos, when I can’t get a good cado it’s tuna and Hot Cheetos.” 

“If it’s not hot Cheetos and a baby bel cheese, it’s not girl dinner”. 

There are obviously many variations and when it's been a really long day, sometimes it's all some of us can manage. I really like grabbing Harmon's soup and bread and calling it good or even just mixing some rice and frozen veggies. It's part ease, part whatever you have in your house.  

I’d love to know what other “girl dinners” you guys suggest! Let me know on FB 

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