My darling, dear sweet mother taught me to never judge a book by it's cover.  Unfortunately, when it comes to this St. George Utah Store, I feel I have let her down.

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My mother taught me better than to judge too fast. (giphy)

Lots of stores come and go in St. George Utah, and I often think I know what each of them are all about.  For example we all know that Fiiz sells drinks, Blvd Home sells home furnishings, and RECLAIMED sells fancy Annie Sloan chalk paint for refinishing old furniture.  Right?

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Whoh buddy. You know how to spell ASSUME right? (giphy)

Well it turns out I was only sorta right.  Yes, reclaimed sells paint and supplies for re-finishing furniture (something I don't care about in the slightest) but they also sell a lot of really funny, cool stuff too that you wouldn't expect.

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RECLAIMED on St. George Boulevard is more interesting that I previously thought.  I'm sorry, Reclaimed. (Mikey Foley)

Okay so let's go on a journey into the store that I drove past millions of times without even thinking of going into.  Let's all learn something together and move on from our Judgy Mcjudgerson mistakes of the past.


You're Welcome.

This St. George Utah Store Is Way Cooler Than I Thought It Was

Go inside RECLAIMED on St. George Boulevard and you'll find things you didn't expect to find.
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