She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is a John Wayne classic, and if you’re from that generation it will mean something completely different to you. But today, dog owners are adding yellow scarves and ribbons to pets.  

There is a reason behind this and it's not because the pet’s fur looks great with yellow (though that could still be true). 

Reader’s Digest said this new phenomenon is actually a warning to others. Though many dog owners and their pets have no issues when strangers come up to pet and interact with the dog, that isn’t always the case.  

The reasons a yellow ribbon/bandana could be present are PTSD, older dogs that are more fearful, training, deaf or blind, health issues, rescue dogs getting used to their new family, and being nervous around other animals.  

Yes, even dogs can suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Does this mean the dog with a yellow ribbon is aggressive? Not always but nervous or skittish behavior can lead to lashing out.  

What to do if you See a Dog with a Yellow Ribbon: 

If you don’t have your dog with you, give them space, avoid eye contact, and turn your body away slightly. If you are walking your dog and see another pooch with a yellow ribbon, give them a lot of space, and don’t let your dog approach them.  

This helps both dogs be safe, and you have respected the other owner and dog who are working hard to be comfortable in public.  

So, if you see a yellow ribbon be mindful of your actions and those of your pet.  

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