For many, the day of love, or Valentine’s Day is a cute little excuse to go out with your significant other and have a day out on the town.  

However, there is a common issue that those who are not in relationships deal with. I’m not talking about feeling left out on the holiday or wishing for a connection but a loss that affects all genders and people.  

Recently dubbed “boyfriend sickness” from TikToker Tinx, this refers to losing a friend to their significant other. One second you are talking and hanging out with your friend regularly and the next thing you know, they’re a little too wrapped up in their partner for friend time.  

According to the Washington Post, this is normal and even healthy in the early stages of a relationship. Now, we have all been victims of this or have had this happen to us and there’s a scientific reason why we do this.  

“When you start a new romantic relationship, you activate the brain’s attachment system," said Amir Levine, an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. “Our attachment styles — secure, avoidant or anxious — are formed in childhood. While our friendships are important, when you’re in a romantic relationship, your brain works overtime to bond with your new partner.”—Washington Post  

Utahns and probably everyone else have experienced this at some point.  

The important thing to note is that even if you have lost a friend to “boyfriend sickness” it’s usually temporary and there is no reason you can’t be happy for them. However, if this goes on for an abnormal amount of time, it could be a sign of an unhealthy or even abusive relationship.  


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