Here's the easy part -- Andy Griffin, morning show host for NewsRadio 890/92.5 KDXU is 57-years old today.

If you do the math, that means he was born March 1, 1966. Where was he born? Who was he born to? Why was he born? That stuff is not important right now.

What's important is that you remember that date and then try to decipher whether these landmark inventions, events or entertainment programs happened before or after Andy was born.

Many of you reading this were alive before then, and in fact many of you are old enough to have some pretty vivid memories of these things listed below.

But hey, at our age can we really trust our memories when it comes to dates and big events? Probably not.

For a long time my grandparents and then my parents would tell stories about things that happened in the past. After a minute or two of the story, the other half of the couple would gently (and sometimes not so gently), correct the storyteller about the date, the timeline, or the memory itself.

Of course, after a few years, the details start to fade away. I still remember vividly the day Ronald Reagan was shot and the day the Space Shuttle exploded. I remember what I was doing, who I interacted with, even what I had for lunch.

As for the date, not so much.

So let's test it out in this format -- did these things happen before or after I was born (remember, it was March 1, 1966)?


The John F. Kennedy Assassination

John and Jackie Kennedy
Getty Images

(before, the date was Nov. 22, 1963)

PBS Created


(after, PBS first started broadcasting in 1967)

Berlin Wall erected

Berlin Commemorates 60th Anniversary Of Berlin Wall Construction
Getty Images

(before, but closer than you might expect, the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961)

Invention of Bubble Wrap

Getty Images

(before, Alfred Fielding and business partner Marc Chavannes invented Bubble Wrap while trying to create textured wallpaper they thought would be cool and modern in 1961) Source:

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Rocket system

(before, the crisis was in 1962)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination

MLK In Chicago
Getty Images

(after, this sad day was in 1968)


Woodstock Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Historic Countercultural Concert
Getty Images

(after, this iconic music festival was in 1969)

US Surgeon general Affirms Smoking Causes Cancer

Burning cigar with smoke on old humidor

(before, this happened in 1964)

Slurpees at 7/11 stores

7-Eleven Kicks Off Slurpee All Access Chill With Austin Mahone
Larry Marano

(before, but just barely, Icees were invented in the late 1950s, but the Slurpee didn't come along until 1965)

The Super Bowl


(barely after, the first Super Bowl was played in January of 1967, pitting the AFL (Kansas City) and NFL (Green Bay) champs from the 1966 season. Green Bay won 35-10)

Richard Nixon elected

Nixon Resigns
Getty Images

(after, this happened in 1967)

Invention of the Sharpie

PGA TOUR - 2005 Cialis Western Open - Third Round
Getty Images

(before, the Sharpie was the first marker that had a plastic, instead if wool or felt, tip. It came out in 1965)

The Andy Griffith Show

2nd Annual TV Land Awards - Pressroom
Getty Images

(both, the AG Show originally aired in 1960 and lasted until 1968)

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