KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 111


Statewide News – 12/11/23

Romney Concerned with Impulses of Trump

Utah Senator Mitt Romney is less concerned about Former President Trump’s recent “dictator” comments, and more concerned about Trump’s actions should he be re-elected to office.

During his recent showing on NBC’s Face the Nation, Romney was referring to Trump’s comments last week where he stated he would only be a dictator “on day one” if he was elected.

Romney said he’s far more worried about the people who would surround Trump if he was elected. The Utah senator these people would only “encourage his impulses” to get revenge on the people Trump considers as his enemies.

LDS Church Names New Apostle

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints named its newest member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles over the weekend.

Englishman Patrick Kearon will fill the seat that Elder M. Russell Ballard left behind when he passed away in November.

Elder Kearon’s recent duties includes serving as senior president of the Presidency of the Seventy and assisted with supervising Utah as a whole.


Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/11/23

Two Men Arrested for Hiding 5 Pounds of Meth in SUV

Two men from Northern Utah were arrested on December 9 in St. George for allegedly hiding five pounds of methamphetamine worth over $100,000 inside of a loose panel of their rental SUV.

The men were originally pulled over for several traffic violations as they were coming off the exit on I-15 near Washington Parkway.

Officers called in the K-9 unit to search for the vehicle after hearing the men’s explanation of the rental car. The two men are now being held at the Purgatory Correctional Facility without bail.

DUI Arrest on the Rise in Southern Utah

According to recent reports from news stations throughout Utah, DUI arrests have been on the rise in recent months, and that includes Southern Utah.

Lieutenant Aaron Bergquist from the St. George Police Department said the amount of DUI charges follows recent trends in Southern Utah.

Bergquist said the SGPD usually has 250 DUI arrests a year on average, with Utah having about 15,000 DUI arrests on average.

Funding Approved for Iron County Interchange

Senator Mitt Romney announced on December 8 that $70 million will be used to replace an interchange on I-15 in Cedar City that will also add a climbing lane.

The money is coming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill that is focused on bringing these types of projects into fruition.

Romney said this interchange will be vital to reduce congestion in Iron County as the area is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades.

Construction Begins for More Housing in Cedar City

Officials in Cedar City held a groundbreaking ceremony on December 8 for the new Coal Creek Townhomes project.

The construction has already begun and will bring a complex of 20 new townhomes for the Southern Utah area.

The new Coal Creek Townhomes will be located near the campus of Southern Utah University, but no estimation was given for the completion date.


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories.

Stockton can’t remember if he’s already mentioned this fact before, but he’s going to mention it anyway. Stockton lived in a very…umm…”old fashioned” apartment when he attended Southern Utah University. The apartment featured unbelievably hot water, brown linoleum that was originally white, and carpet that hadn’t been replaced since the 80’s. The only perk of the place was that it only cost $425 a month to live there.

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