KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 119


Statewide News – 12/27/23

Man Dead At Taylorsville Gun Range

A 40-year-old man unfortunately died on December 27 after shooting himself at gun range located in Taylorsville.

Police are still investigating the reason for the man’s death since it’s not clear if the man intentionally shot himself, or if it was an accident.

The alleged incident took place at Doug Shoot ‘n Sports at about 3 p.m. while other citizens at the gun range attempted to save the man’s life, but to no avail. Paramedics pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Biden Approves of Disaster Relief for Utah Counties

President Biden has approved a relief effort for several Utah counties including select Southern Utah counties.

The relief effort is meant to assist with damage caused by major flooding that occurred due to snow runoff in 2023 that destroyed several homes, businesses, and roads.

The relief effort will provide federal help to Iron, Morgan, Sanpete, Utah, and Wasatch Counties.


Southern Utah/St. George News 12/27/23

Three Suspects Charged with Cedar City Gun Burglary

Three men in Southern Utah were charged for allegedly stealing more than 70 guns from a Cedar City business on November 21.

29-year-old Russell Gruber, 78-year-old Darrell Devoge, and 20-year-old Parker Devoge were reportedly seen stealing the firearms from a CAL Ranch Store.

Parker Devoge, Darell Devoge’s son, ran from police following his father’s and Gruber’s arrest and is still on the run.

Child Kidnapper Caught in Southern Utah

A woman from Ohio was arrested near Iron County for the alleged kidnapping of a child.

Shari Dolores Gould was arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol after authorities received a tip from Ohio police.

Gould was found with six children in her vehicle aged 13 and younger, but it’s unclear if the missing child was among the children accompanying Gould. Southern Utah and Ohio police are currently investigating.

Washington County High Schools Show Mixed Graduation Rates

High schools in Southern Utah are showing mixed rates of change when it comes to graduation in 2023.

The latest report from the Utah State Board of Education shows slightly lower graduation rates for Crimson Cliffs, Enterprise, Snow Canyon, Pineview, and Hurricane High Schools along with Utah Online 7-12.

Graduation rates are up for Desert Hills, Dixie, Water Canyon, and Millcreek High Schools. Even with the slight decline, Washington County has a 92% graduation rate among high school students, which is higher than the state average of 88%.

Dogs at Kanab Shelter Choose Gifts from Santa

Several dogs from the Best Friend’s Animal Society in Kanab received gifts from Santa’s Sleigh in an ongoing annual tradition.

The tradition sees multiple dogs choose a toy and treat from the sleigh, and the rest of what’s not chosen is distributed among the nearly 400 other dogs living at the sanctuary.

Information for adopting dogs and other animals from the sanctuary can be found on their website.


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