KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 108


Statewide News – 12/06/23

Cox Proposes Biggest Budget in Utah History

Utah Governor Spencer Cox announced the biggest budget proposal in Utah history, with over $29 billion dollars on the table.

The announcement for the budget was made on December 5, and if brought to fruition, Governor Cox would like large amounts of the money to assist in affordable housing and making childcare more accessible across the state.

Something that’s not a part of the proposed budget is any sort of tax cut. Governor Cox has approved nearly a billion dollars’ worth of tax cuts in the past three years.

New Government Position Focused on Affordable Housing in Utah

Along with the proposed Utah budget, a new position was announced in the Governor’s office that focuses on providing affordable housing to residents across the state of Utah.

Former State Representative Steve Waldrip has been named the first Housing Strategy and Innovation Senior Advisor. Waldrip will work on building 35,000 starter homes across the state within the next five years.

Governor Cox vouched for Waldrip’s expertise in real estate development, law, and government operations, and said these skills will prove vital in the years to come.

Gunnison Inmates Donate to Charity

Inmates of the Central Utah Correctional Facility’s sewing shop are working to donate backpacks, diaper bags, and other items by making it themselves.

The items are all donated to the Utah Food Bank with about 500 items donated to the bank this year.

The inmates said they look forward to the charity event each year.

Smithfield Food Ends Contracts with Utah Hog Farms

Smithfield Foods is ending contracts with 26 Utah hog farms, laying off dozens of workers in the process.

The food company that has a say in markets across the country made the announcement on December 5, causing the beginning of a chain of layoffs spanning more than 70 jobs.

Smithfield Foods announced last year that it would cease to operate in Beaver County, where it was the largest employer in the region.


Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/06/23

St. George Among Dead in Japan Crash

A resident of St. George is among the crew members who died when a military aircraft crashed off the coast of Japan.

Major Eric Spendlove of St. George unfortunately died during a training exercise along with seven other service members in the crash on November 29.

Spendlove was a residency trained flight surgeon as well as a medical operations flight commander.

You can find the names of the other victims along with more details into the recovery operation that ensued following the accident in our full article.

Light the Night at the St. George Art Museum

The St. George Art Museum will kick off its holiday themed exhibit on December 8 with their Light the Night celebration from 6 to 8 p.m.

New art pieces are expected to debut during the event with a shared holiday theme. Along with the new art, refreshments will be provided along with entertainment from the Hurricane High School choir and Zion Youth Symphony.

The event will be free to attend for all residents with the goal of bringing more holiday cheer as we inch ever closer to Christmas.


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