KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 158 


Statewide News – 02/22/24 

Woman Arrested for Threatening Residents with Crossbow 

A female landlord in Salt Lake City was arrested on February 20 after she allegedly threatened her tenants with a crossbow. 

According to Salt Lake City authorities, three people went to a home by Mead Avenue and Navajo Street to retrieve some possessions when the accused, Michelle Segura, reportedly pointed a crossbow at the three people and threatened to shoot. 

Segura was arrested after officers had a brief standoff with the woman. Segura is being charged with three counts of aggravated assault. 

Utah Book Ban Bill Heading to Governor's Desk 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox is one signature away from signing a potential school book-banning bill into law. 

The law would change the process of how books are banned in Utah schools. Literature considered “objectively sensitive material” would require either two school districts or five charter schools to ban material before being banned on a statewide level. 

The Utah State Board of Education can take a book off the ban list if they reinstate the material within 60 days of the ban. Those against this bill said it’s an overreach of state power and could be used to over protect students from real-world issues like rape or incest. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 02/22/24 

Triplex Structure Fire in St. George 

A structure fire broke out at a triplex of townhomes located at 2450 East 620 North by Pineview High School on February 20. 

The fire started in the garage of the home in the middle of the three townhomes. Fortunately, the fire didn’t spread to the other two homes due to a state law that requires a certain amount of distance between townhomes. 

Investigators with the St. George Fire Department are still looking into the cause of the flames, but they do know that it wasn’t arson. The only resident in the home was a 12-year-old boy who evacuated before any harm could be done. The boy lives with his mother who was away from the home when the flames started. 

Updated Information on Colorado Homicide Arrest in Southern Utah 

More details have been provided on the arrest of a Colorado fugitive in St. George on February 19. 

Information provided by the St. George Police Department said the 39-year-old man arrested along with two other people was wanted for homicide in Colorado. 

Since then, it’s been confirmed the man was wanted for attempted murder. Joshua Stephen Williamson was issued a warrant for his arrest on January 20 by Colorado authorities. 

Iron County Economic Breakfast Shows Positive Growth 

The Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the Iron County economic review breakfast on the morning of February 21, which provided positive updates for the county's growth. 

According to statements from the Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce and Brian Head town manager, visitations to Iron County have grown in the past year. 

The chamber also said there was a record-high number of new business applications in Iron County. 

New St. George Art Exhibit Opens 

A new art gallery is now open for visitors in St. George until March 28. 

The My Favorite Things Art Exhibit is open at the Red Cliff Gallery at 220 North 200 East. The new exhibit features both student and professional artists, with some artists having experience spanning 40 years. 


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