KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 159 


Statewide News – 02/23/24 

Man Says He Was Possessed When Committing Rape 

A man in Logan was arrested after he reportedly raped a woman while claiming to be possessed. 

The victim of the case had worked with 21-year-old Jerek Lindholm who threatened to harm his wife and daughter unless she had sex with him. A later investigation revealed Lindholm wasn’t married and didn’t have a daughter. 

Authorities believe the man is not sound of mind with Lindholm telling Logan police that he was possessed during the crime. The man is currently booked in the Cache County Jail.  

Governor Cox Responds to Controversial Transgender Comments 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox responded to an outcry from the LGBTQ+ community after he referred to gender-changing procedures as “genital mutilation.” 

Cox made the controversial statement during the Disagree Better event in Washington D.C. on February 21. A spokesperson for Governor Cox said on February 22 that the official “misunderstood a question and was not happy with his answer.” 

Cox reportedly spoke with the student who posed the question that prompted the controversial statement backstage where he cleared up the misunderstanding. Members of the LGBTQ+ still protested at the Capitol on February 22 to condone Cox’s comments. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 02/23/24 

Counter Proposal Could Spell the End for Potential Dry Wash Reuse Reservoir 

A Washington County developer has given a counter proposal to a planned $22 million reuse reservoir in Dry Wash. 

Terry Marten wants to turn Dry Wash into an open space park with a six-mile trail from Hellhole Canyon to Santa Clara.  

Marten previously owned the land and would take possession of the property once again if the Dry Wash reservoir wasn’t built. Experts in Washington County said the property may not be the best place to build the reservoir even if it goes against public opinion. 

Southern Utah Authorities Endorse Drug Arrest Bill 

Law enforcement entities in Southern Utah are showing their support for a potential drug arrest bill heading to Utah Governor Spencer Cox. 

The bill would give greater punishment to those who lie after being arrested by saying they’ve taken drugs and need to go to the hospital. 

Three police departments in Washington County have given their endorsement for the bill that would go into effect in May if signed into law. 

Intermountain Farmers Association Celebrates 100 Years 

The Intermountain Farmers Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary since its founding in 1924. 

The IFA spent most of 2023 by volunteering about 100 hours in various ways, such as when they spent time with residents while restoring a single mother’s backyard in Southern Utah, assisting young livestock producers, and donating to the Fish-N-Fun event at Sand Hollow Reservoir. 

Average Gas Prices Rise Across Southern Utah 

Gas prices going into the weekend show a slight decline in price in Washington County compared to February 22 but show an increase compared to this time last week.  

According to this morning’s AAA gas report, the average gas price for a gallon of unleaded in Washington County is about $3.10. 

Iron County is no longer the cheapest place in the state for gas with an average price of $2.97 per gallon. Garfield County is now the “cheapest” place in the state for gas with an average price of $2.94 per gallon. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton experienced a power outage while writing this volume of Sunrise Stories. His office doesn’t have any windows, so that means Stockton is sitting in pure darkness alone with his thoughts. What was he thinking about? Burgers. He was very hungry. 

Happy Weekend! 


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