KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 137 


Statewide News – 01/24/24 

Potty Training Bill Considered by Utah Legislature 

Soon-to-be kindergartners may have to be potty trained before attending school if a new bill passes the Utah legislature. 

GOP Representative Douglas Welton wants to make a specific rule for Utah schools that would require children to be potty trained before starting their education. While no data has been collected on the number of “accidents” in Utah school districts, some of Utah’s education officials have voiced concerns over the growing number of children who aren’t properly potty trained before attending school. 

Welton expressed concern for the teachers of Utah who must deal with such uncomfortable situations. The representative said the teachers either help the child or leave them in “filth and squalor.” Children with disabilities or certain conditions would be exempt from this rule if it were to come to fruition. 

Utah Considering Organic Reduction as Alternative to Cremation 

Utah may be the newest state to allow natural organic reduction after death, which is reportedly an environmentally friendly alternative to body cremation. 

The process turns human remains into soil by using a mixture of bacteria similar to composting. Advocates for the new method said the new method would benefit the environment. 

The conversation was put aside after concerns were raised as to where the remains would go and possible visitation rights if the remains were used on private property. 

Utah’s Population Spike Due to Out-of-State Move-Ins 

A new survey from the University of Utah showed the main reason for the recent population in Utah is due to move-ins from out of state. 

56% of the state’s population growth in 2023 came from out-of-state transplants and Utah County holds the top spot for most out-of-state residents. 

About 56,000 new residents were counted in Utah for 2023. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 01/24/24 

Arizona Man Suffers Heart Attack While Driving in Hurricane 

An Arizona man in his 60s suffered a heart attack while traveling in Southern Utah on January 19, causing the man to drive into a field. 

First responders from Hurricane pulled Dave Blake from his yellow Jeep Rubicon to resuscitate the man and promptly transported him to St. George Regional Hospital for further care. 

Blake’s condition is now reportedly stable as of January 23. The Arizona resident was in Southern Utah to attend the annual Winter 4X4 Jamboree. 

Tropical Smoothie DUI Leaves Gaping Hole in Building 

Wet roads and high speeds were just some of the factors that led a driver to careen off the street on Red Hills Parkway in St. George and into a Tropical Smoothie building on January 23 at about 5 a.m. 

The vehicle went over the sidewalk, over multiple lava rock boulders, through a tree about eight inches in diameter, and ultimately crashed into the Tropical Smoothie which left a large hole in the building. 

The 29-year-old male driver only suffered minor lacerations to his face and refused medical transport. The man was then arrested after failing a field sobriety test, making it his second DUI in the past decade. The driver also possessed illegal narcotics and had an expired vehicle registration among other issues. 

Court is in Session for Woman Involved in Deadly St. George Crash 

A woman from Washington County is in court for allegedly killing two cyclists in April of 2022. 

Julie Ann Budge is accused of being under the influence when she struck two cyclists participating in the Spring Tour of St. George, and then left the scene of the crime, making it a deadly hit-and-run. 

The trial is expected to run for five days, after which the jury will decide Budge's fate. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton has never seen fog so thick as what he drove through this morning on his way to work. His truck doesn’t exactly have the best headlights, which made the danger quite high for Stockton. Stockton has never played Silent Hill before, but he’s pretty sure he had been transported into the infamous fog of that beloved horror video game. 

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