KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 125 


Statewide News – 01/05/24 

Update on Body Storage Facility Murder 

A suspect has been arrested in connection to the body found in a Salt Lake City storage facility earlier this week.  

Nathan David Evans was arrested after authorities discovered Evans worked with the victim at the temporary storage business where the body was found. 

Evidence was found that allegedly implicates Evans in the murder of the victim, but the evidence, cause of death, and victim’s identity have been kept under wraps. 

Two Heavy Snowstorms Approach Wasatch Front 

The Wasatch Front could see some heavy snowfall thanks to two storm systems making their way through the region this weekend. 

The first storm is expected to hit today with several inches of snow expected in many areas of Northern Utah, and more than half a foot of snow is expected in the mountains. 

The second storm could bring even more snow on January 6 and January 7, with especially heavy snowfall for the mountains. 

University of Utah Ranked No. 1 in the West 

The University of Utah took top billing in the results from the Wall Street Journal/College Pulse 2024 Best Colleges in the United States for public universities in the Western United States. 

Graduation rates and graduates’ salaries contributed to 70% of the U of U’s total score with learning environments lending 20%, and diversity giving 10%. 

Among private universities, Brigham Young University ranked at No. 20 in the entirety of the United States. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 01/05/24 

What Does DUI Truly Mean? 

What does “driving under the influence” truly mean? This was a question brought up during our recent interview with Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell of the St. George Police Department in the wake of the new year. 

Officer Mitchell said most people think of alcohol or substance abuse when someone is arrested for impaired driving, but it can be far simpler than that. 

Some residents are arrested for DUI due to unexpected reactions to medications, and they tend to get the same treatment from the law. If you’re taking a new medication, it’s highly advised you avoid driving in case of an adverse reaction. 

Officer Mitchell said impaired driving was the largest factor in St. George vehicle fatalities in 2023 and were usually paired with excessive speeds. 

Median Home Prices on the Rise in Washington County 

The latest figures from Realtor.com show rising median sale prices for all homes in Washington County, including townhouses and condos.  

The report shows the median price for a home in Washington County in September rose to $460,000. That’s a 4% increase from the August median price of $442,000 for a home in Washington County. 

It’s not all bad though. The median price is 4.5% cheaper than the median price in August 2022 when the median sale price was more than $481,000, and single-family homes were up to over $525,300. 

Weekly Southern Utah Gas Prices 

According to AAA’s January 5 average gas report, Southern Utah gas prices continue to decline with Iron County now dipping below $3 per gallon of unleaded. 

Washington County has an average of $3.14 a gallon with some gas stations in St. George offering prices below $3 a gallon if you have a specific membership. 

The cheapest gas prices in Utah are in Weber County at a $2.77 average, and the state average is set at about $3.09 a gallon. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton conquered the Winter weather this morning! Readers may remember Stockton’s struggle with his car yesterday morning when it completely froze over. Stockton went in prepared with several techniques to fight the cold at the cost of waking up 30 minutes early to ensure they worked. Here’s hoping the freezing cold doesn’t stick around for long. 

Happy Weekend! 


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