KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 18 


Statewide News – 07/25/23 

Co-Founder of Fan-X Convention Found Guilty of Bomb Threats 

Bryan Brandenburg, the Co-Founder of Salt Lake City based convention Fan-X has been found guilty of email bomb threats throughout the course of his divorce case. 

Emails between Brandenburg and Utah State Court employees included bomb threats to multiple locations if the courts didn’t assist with his demands. 

These demands included retrieving money that Brandenburg believed was taken illegally from him through his divorce case.  

Brandenburg didn’t just threaten Utah locations, he also threatened the Rockefeller Center in New York City, and a federal courthouse in San Diego. 

House Democrats Upset Over Comments from DeSantis 

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis made a visit to Utah over the weekend where he defended Florida’s education curriculum around African Americans benefiting from their time in slavery. 

House Democrats aren’t happy with these comments and said DeSantis shouldn’t be supporting a curriculum that “ignores historical truths and damages the education system.” 

The Democrats advised public officials to not shy away from history but eradicate injustices in order to create a better future for all Utahns. 

Heat Causes Trouble for New Athletic Season  

A new athletic season is now underway across the state for various schools. 

The heat wave going across Utah is causing some trouble for many practicing sessions for the various sports at Utah Schools.  

All schools are required to follow strict practice protocols set by the Utah High School Activities Association. Conditions have to be tested through a device called a wet bulb globe and must have cooling tubs on standby to avoid health issues from the heat.  


Southern Utah/St. George News – 07/25/23 

Two Structure Fires in Hurricane with Two Different Causes 

The Hurricane Fire Department responded to two different structure fires on Pioneer Day with two different causes.  

One fire was caused by illegal weed burning, which has been a problem throughout Washington County. 

The other structure fire was caused by a lithium-ion-battery explosion. These batteries are known for exploding for various reasons, but one of the most common reasons has to do with hot summer temperatures, of which residents of Southern Utah are familiar with. 

Both fires were put out within a couple of hours, and no one was injured. 

Multi-Vehicle Wreckage on Route 59 

A major crash leading to four being injured occurred on Route 59 on Pioneer Day by mile post 13. 

The crash involved two passenger vehicles and a semi-truck. One of the injured had to be extracted from a major part of the wreckage through special means. 

The health status of the injured are currently unknown. 


Fun fact about the writer of Sunrise Stories, Stockton Myers. 

Stockton’s house had a broken air conditioner over the Pioneer Day weekend. Luckily, his cold water was still working in his shower, and he ended up taking 3 cold showers during Pioneer Day. Gotta love that Southern Utah weather. 

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