KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 171 


Statewide News – 03/14/24 

Heavy Storms Expected Across the State This Weekend 

According to the National Weather Service, both Southern and Northern Utah could see some serious weather conditions this weekend. 

In Northern Utah, winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts of 70 miles per hour could cause property damage on the North side of I-80. The winds are reported to last until early March 15. 

Southern Utah, however, could host one of the year's biggest storms on March 15 and March 16. Higher elevation areas such as Cedar City could see up to four inches of snow while the mountainous regions of Southern Utah could expect up to two feet of snow by the evening hours of March 16. 

Maloy Pushes for Permanent Daylight Savings in Utah 

As many Utah residents continue to bemoan regarding another switch to Daylight Savings Time, newly elected Utah Congressman Celeste Maloy has reintroduced a policy in DC that could spark a switch to a permanent Daylight Savings Time in Utah. 

Maloy said this is a decision that should be made on a state level, not a federal one. According to the Utah congressman, state officials don’t have to wait for a federal order to switch to a permanent Daylight Savings Time.  

This comes after Wyoming switched to a permanent time, following in the footsteps of Arizona which did something similar in recent years. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 03/14/24 

Washington City Streaker Leads to Drug Bust  

Washington City residents bore witness to a woman running through traffic wearing nothing but her underwear in the afternoon of March 11.  

Police identified the woman as 49-year-old Loriann McArthur Cottam who was reportedly under the influence as she evaded police officers through Washington. 

Witnesses reported Cottam running out of a home in the area with a naked man chasing her out of the house. The man was identified as 52-year-old Marvin Allan Stodola, and both streakers were arrested along with the seizure of illegal narcotics from the home. 

Seatbelt Saves Driver in Toquerville Rollover Crash 

First responders with Hurricane Valley Fire and Rescue received reports of a single rollover crash at 425 West Center Street in Toquerville on March 12. 

According to a statement from Hurricane Valley Fire and Rescue’s Facebook page, the vehicle rolled off the road and into a creek, but the driver only suffered minor injuries thanks to their seatbelt. 

Remember to wear your seatbelt even during the shortest of commutes. You never know when it will save your life. 

St. George Animal Shelter Leads Charge of No-Kill Shelters in Utah 

A St. George based animal shelter, Providing Animals with Support (PAWS), is leading the charge as a no-kill shelter during Utah’s “No-Kill Shelter Year.” 

The “No-Kill Shelter Year” comes from Utah Governor Spencer Cox to become the first no-kill state on the West side of the United States. 

PAWS has been doing just that for over 20 years with animals facing no risk of euthanasia. They’ve been able to achieve this by performing detailed screenings of every pet that walks through their doors. This includes making sure each animal is de-wormed, spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. 



Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories.  

Stockton may be 27 years old, but he still feels a sense of joy when his parents leave him to house sit while they’re out of town. You know the feeling, the one where you think “PARTY TIME,” but then you just lay around and eat copious amounts of Cheetos which you would do anyway regardless of your parents being there or not? That feeling. 

Happy Friday Eve. 


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