KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 172


Statewide News – 03/15/24

Great Salt Lake May Receive Over One Foot from Snow Melt

A new report from the Utah Snow Survey could spell some good news for the Great Salt Lake.

According to the report, this year’s snow melt could add at least 870,000 acre-feet of water to the diminishing body of water.

This year’s snowpack will fill the many reservoirs and other bodies of water throughout the state.

Gas Prices Shoot Up Across State

Gas prices going into the weekend show a significant increase for counties across Utah. According to AAA’s morning gas report, the state average price for a gallon of unleaded is about $3.34 per gallon.

Washington County has an average of $3.44 per gallon which is a 12-cent increase compared to the average on March 8. Iron County is slightly cheaper with an average of about $3.30 per gallon.

Beaver County still has the most expensive gas in Utah with an average of about $3.57 per gallon, and Daggett County hasn’t budged in either direction with an average of $3.07 per gallon, making it the cheapest place for gas in Utah.


Southern Utah/St. George News – 03/15/24

Southern Utah Narcotics Task Force Charge into 2024

The Iron-Garfield-Beaver Narcotics Task Force has already made several drug busts in 2024.

Seven separate cases have been reported with about 20 pounds of marijuana, one pound of methamphetamine, and approximately $5,500 in cash seized in the Southern Utah area.

If you have any information regarding any illegal activity involving narcotics, please contact your local dispatch. The St. George dispatch number is 435-627-4300.

New I-15 Underpasses Coming to St. George

The City of St. George confirmed the development of two new I-15 underpasses for 400 East and 900 South.

The construction of these underpasses will require I-15 to be raised between exits 6 and 8 and will allow for a greater ease of travel between the East and West of the main St. George area.

No time frame was given for the construction of the new underpasses. This project was made possible by a donation from the U.S. Department of Transportation of over $87 million to the Utah Department of Transportation.

Stormy Weather Expected for Southern Utah This Weekend

According to the National Weather Service, Southern Utah is expected to see some large storms through the weekend.

St. George has already experienced some showers this morning, and those showers are expected to continue until the evening of March 16.

Higher elevation areas like Cedar City could see up to four inches of snow by the end of the weekend, and up to two feet of snowfall could cover mountainous regions like Brian Head.


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories.

Stockton is not a fan of yard work. He’s not a fan of most outdoorsy type activities; However, he does enjoy mowing the lawn now and then. It’s like those strangely satisfying videos of people cutting paper or soap. That being said, Stockton’s enjoyment tends to fade once it gets above 100 degrees in St. George.

Happy Weekend!


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