KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 179 


Statewide News – 03/27/24 

Alleged Utah Killer Accused of Fraud 

Alleged killer Kouri Richins is now being accused of committing various types of fraud. 

Richins reportedly committed mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, and forged her husband's signature for a life insurance policy just one month before his death. 

Richins is currently awaiting trial for poisoning her husband in 2022 leading to his death. 

Utah Public Colleges Looking into 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree 

Public universities and colleges in Utah are now looking into creating a three-year bachelor's degree program for certain majors. 

The Utah System of Higher Education is creating a 90 credit Bachelor of Applied Studies category that would take three years to complete. 

The idea still needs the go-ahead from Utah’s Board of Higher Education, and the majors affected will be decided in the future. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 03/27/24 

Thefts on the Rise in Southern Utah 

St. George police and other cities off I-15 are reporting a surge of theft cases in the past few months. 

Smash and grab crimes are the most common thefts reported with the involvement of theft gangs. These gangs are also known to sell fake jewelry for gas money. 

Police understand the rate of theft due to increased awareness through social media and higher quality cameras in stores. 

$60 Million Resort Near Zion Begins Construction 

Construction crews near Zion National Park broke ground on a $60 million resort on March 25 expected to open in Fall 2025. 

Zion Canyon Hot Springs will be 20 miles west of Zion’s Southern entrance and feature 53 bodies of water, 32 of which will be natural hot springs while the other 21 will be a mixture of various specialty pools. 

The resort will also have various shopping options, restaurants, bars, cabanas, and locker rooms with over 1,100 lockers. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton is still sick, so today’s Sunrise Stories needed to be shorter so he could rest. That said, Stockton’s been thinking about the fanciest hotel he’d been to. Near Newport Beach in California, there is a timeshare/resort that has one of the nicest pools and facilities Stocktons ever seen. He’d probably choose that as the fanciest hotel he’s been to, but he knows there are much bigger fish in the sea.  

Happy Wednesday! 


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