Last Friday, March 24, a Southern Utah resident was shot in her apartment by a neighbor.  

Chrissy Wilmot was relaxing for the evening when a stray bullet entered her left side, tearing through her stomach, a GoFundMe said. The bullet ended up on the right side of Wilmot's body, but she was still able to reach the phone and call emergency services.  

Wilmot’s cousin, Monica Fleming who wrote the GoFundMe said that Wilmot was rushed to the Emergency Room and then underwent several hours of surgery to repair the damage.  

Though the situation surrounding the stray bullet is still unclear, according to Fleming the shot was an accident from a “black powder musket” from a drunk neighbor.  

The neighbor was detained and interviewed, on-site, by the police but NOT taken into custody, for some very frustrating and unknown reason; a mistake that we are trying desperately to remedy and have attorneys working on as we speak,” Fleming said in the GoFundMe post.  

Wilmot is a nurse and used to be an elementary school teacher, her cousin said.  

Others in the community have also come forward about Wilmot including her niece who shared the fundraising page on the Facebook Group The REAL St. George Word of Mouth.  

The family is hoping to get help with funds for Wilmot's medical expenses, lost wages, and relocation costs. Wilmot is the owner of two dogs and some of the money would be for finding new housing so that Wilmot “can live without having to replay the trauma from all of this craziness.”  

The goal is to raise $25,000 and just a bit over $4 thousand has been donated so far.

To donate or see more details visit  

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