It’s no secret that St. George loves its Chik-Fil-A and just like every other day (not Sunday, duh) it will be packed. 

For avid Chik-Fil-A lovers, they may remember Cow Appreciation Day which has been held annually on the second Tuesday of July at participating locations since 2004, the National Day Calendar said. Unfortunately, the restaurant won’t be celebrating it the usual way this year which included free meals in the past. They have started a new campaign to celebrate The Cows through a mobile game that will earn you treats(fries) when you play. 

The Cows were an add-on to the beloved franchise after the “Eat More Chikin” billboard appeared in 1995 which began a spiral of cow-themed advertisements, plushies, and costumes, the Chik-Fil-A website said.  

Though technically this is just a bid to get people to eat Chik-Fil-A, the day could still hold more significance, especially in a place like Utah.  

The cow business in Utah is a family affair according to the Utah Beef Council, with over 8,000 local cattle ranchers and some dating back generations. So, why not support local ranchers on Cow Appreciation Day??? There are plenty of local places to choose from! 

If you’re looking for some local beef, check your local markets and grocery stores. Other Utah local options here. 

Of course, you can also celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day by finding some local cows and giving them a treat or simply doing the “Look, cows” when you see one. That’s a personal favorite of mine.  


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