With the soggy weather we've had of late here in southern Utah, some of the wet soil became loose, leading to a recent rock slide at the Hell Hole Trail in Washington City.

Washington City officials are aware of the issue and work has begun to clear the trail, but as you can see, the rock slide moved some pretty sizable boulders into the trail.

The project could take some time, even with the help of heavy equipment. The trail may not be clear for days or even weeks.

The history of the "Hell Hole Trailhead," is muddy (no pun intended).

One story says that Hell Hole trail got its name from Mormon settlers, who had to descend through the canyon where the trail was and retrieve water from the Virgin River for their homes. Because it was so difficult a daily climb, it earned the name Hell Hole.

Another story claims the area used to be the town garbage dump and was referred to as Hell’s Hole.

Now the area is a popular exercise and recreation site.

Back in August, a local bicyclist was killed on the .4-mile trail when he failed to navigate a sharp turn on the steep trail.

A 52-year-old, Jeffrey Swain, was cruising down the trail on his mountain bike without a helmet on in the early morning hours of Aug. 22, 2022 . At one point, the trail curves sharply and Swain was unable to make the turn at his high rate of speed.

He crashed hard into a guard rail and was tossed over the rail and into a large rock. He sustained severe head and chest injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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