Just in the last few days there have been several reported incidents of mail fraud in southern Utah.

The most recent problems have to do with people stealing from mail cluster boxes, or in one case, actually stealing the boxes themselves.

Other incidents include phone or email frauds that involve the US Postal Service being used as a delivery service for the frauds. Tax season always brings out the fraudsters.

A recent post from the Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department reiterates the issues:

"It's that time of the season again, Tax Season! As you all know, fraud is one of the most significant issues we face during this time of the year. We have had multiple incidents of "businesses" calling and offering compensation if you worked through the pandemic. Be aware of any calls, e-mails, or messages requesting payment in the form of a gift card or electronic transfer such as Venmo or Cash App.


Secondly, multiple incidents have occurred regarding damage to mailboxes throughout Southern Utah this past week. So far, we have had three incidents in Ivins. If you see any vehicles or individuals in your area hanging around the mailbox during odd hours of the day, get a description of the individual and vehicle. License plates provide a considerable amount of information to us. We would love to have a chat with these individuals. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend!"

One commenter urged the use of Informed Delivery. By request, the US Post Office will send you an email everyday with a picture of the mail that will be delivered that day. It also may include a tracking number if you are to receive a package that day.

Contact your local post office to add this very handy feature.

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