Newly filed paperwork shows that a Marine combat veteran missing in Arizona is wanted by authorities in Utah.

Jesse Conger, 37, left a Scottsdale apartment on August 14 and hasn’t been seen since.

Conger’s family says he did three tours of duty overseas.

He reportedly suffers from PTSD and depression.

Volunteer search and rescue crews fanned out from the Scottsdale area on Saturday in search of Conger. They came up empty.

New information about Conger surfaced Tuesday.

Paperwork filed in Utah shows Conger was due in court in a domestic violence-related case two weeks after he disappeared.

Police say they have texts from April showing disturbing threats against his girlfriend in Utah.

Conger is not facing charges for the threats but rather for retaliation.

He allegedly hid his girlfriend’s work equipment after she called the police because of recent threatening behavior. She also has an active protection from abuse order against him.

“We’re not going to stop and he’s a valued veteran,” said Joe Osuch, one of Saturday’s search organizers.

Osuch said regardless of the new information about the warrant, he plans to keep looking.  Another person in the crew told CNN he is upset they weren’t informed.

Conger’s sister Patricia said she doesn’t believe he’s a danger to others or that he is running from his charges.

She said she just wants to find him because she knows he’s not in his right state of mind.

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