Motorcyclists in Southern Utah love to travel across the many winding roads of the state and national parks that take residence here. The problem that comes with traversing these roads is an overwhelming sense of speed that can cause some serious harm if not taken seriously.

Such was the case for two recent motorcyclists on Gunlock Road, with both of the riders experiencing accidents on the same section of the twists and turns around that part of Gunlock.

Luckily, neither one died from the injuries received during the event, but it’s a bit of worry none the less. This is why the Washington County Sherriff’s Office has issued a statement regarding the dangers of the road, which you can find here.

Sgt. Lucas Alfred of the Washington County Sherriff’s Office echoed those statements of safety, while adding some more advice on top of it.

Alfred said: “Number one, you need to know your skill as a rider. You want to ride your ride to be safe. You need to know what your tire pressure is, the condition of your tires, the condition of the road, which could constantly be changing due to debris that could possibly be on the road such as sand or rocks that could cause you to slide easier. You need to know the road and know when those curves are coming.”

Alfred also stated some possible reasons for the accidents with one of main theories being a bit too overzealous on the turns, which causes extra leaning and a lapse in judgement.

The biggest advice from Sgt. Alfred is one you’ve heard countless times before, but they’re important nonetheless. Wear your helmet, long pants, gloves, toed shoes or boots, and basically anything that could cushion your fall if you were to fall off your motorcycle.

In a nut shell, don’t be overconfident in your skills as a rider, and practice basic safety. The short dose of adrenaline isn’t worth your life.


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