The Mountain America on the corner of River Road and 100 South was robbed today in St. George. The suspect is still at large.

I met with Tiffany Mitchell, the PIO of the St. George Police Department, and this was the info she provided at the time when we spoke at the scene of the crime.

Mitchell said, “At about 4:48 we had a white male with a white hat, wearing a black long sleeve shirt come in and demand money. He did leave with an undisclosed amount, he is outstanding at this time, so open investigation at this point.”

Reports online were claiming that the suspect was in custody, but Mitchell denied the claims.

The SGPD reportedly apprehended two potential suspects soon after the time of the crime, but it was not who they were looking for.

Mitchell said, “He is not in custody, he’s outstanding. We’re hoping in the next 24 to 48 hours we can release his [the suspect’s] photos depending on what the FBI and the investigators want to do.”

The SGPD later released a statement on their Facebook page, reiterating these details along with a call for assistance in locating the suspect.

The suspect left on foot, which means if you were in the area by Chick Fil-A and Fabulous Freddy’s, then you may have seen the man described here.

The suspect reportedly handed a note to the teller and left with cash in a 9 in by 12 in envelope with bills of the $100, $50, and $20 variety.

If you saw something like this, along with the description provided of the suspect around 5 p.m. on July 26, then please call Dispatch at 435-627-4300.

Update 1: July 27, 2023

The SGPD have now released some photos of the suspect. Please look at this man and be sure to contact Dispatch if you info.

Update 2: July 27

The suspect has been found and apprehended. More details to come once they're available.

Big thanks to Erin Stubbs Tapia and the members of the Washington County Community Watch Facebook group for updating the public on these events and providing us with information of the crime.

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