The primary elections for 2023 is upon us.

The agenda for this year’s primary is to narrow down the number of candidates for the St. George City Council, and to decide who will represent the republican party in the special congressional election to replace Utah Congressman Chris Stewart.

Congressional Primary Results

Let’s start with the congressional primary election results.

As a quick reminder, the candidates for representing the Republican Party for congress are as follows.

  • Celeste Maloy – Winner of the GOP Convention in Delta.
  • Becky Edwards – Gathered 7,000 signatures to make it on to the ballot.
  • Bruce Hough – Gathered 7,000 signatures to make it on to the ballot.



As of 10:30 p.m. on September 5, Celeste Maloy is in the lead by a thin margin, followed closely by Becky Edwards.


St. George City Council Primary Election

Three St. George City Council seats are up for election this season, but for the primary, candidates need to be whittled down to six.

What was originally 16 candidates became 14 after Marilyn Rigby and Fabian Ortiz were disqualified on the grounds of not releasing financial information regarding their respective campaigns. If you voted for either of these ex-candidates, your vote will not be counted.

Here’s a reminder of the remaining candidates for the Primary St. George City Council Election.



Gregg Mcarthur

Jimmie B. Hughes

Steve Kemp

Danielle Larkin

Brad Bennett

Paula Smith

Other City Council Candidate Winners in Washington County

Ivins City Council:

Cheyne C. McDonald

Sharon Gillespie

Sharon Barton

Kevin M. Smith

Jenny Johnson

Paul Bryson

La Verkin City Council:

Micah T. Gubler

Richard M. Hirschi

Darren L. Prince

Justin Gifford

Cody L. Barnes

John Valenti

Hurricane City Council:

Clark R. Fawcett

Joseph Prete

Stephen Lemmon

Amy C. Werrett

David L. Sanders

Drew Ellerman

(Up to date numbers can be found on the Washington County Clerk website.)

What’s To Come

With the primary elections all done for this season, the remaining candidates will now move on toward the General Election on November 21.

For the special congressional election, insert winner here will run against the candidate representing the Utah Democratic Party, Kathleen Riebe.

As for the City Council positions across Washington County, residents will vote for three candidates to take their place in the city council.

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