Authorities across the state of Utah have been responding to threat after threat from anonymous emails targeting specific locations across the state. None of the reported threats have produced any actual explosives mentioned in the emails, but one thing is becoming clear.

We have a trend on our hands, and the root of the problem may be coming from a single person.

It all started on October 8 when various synagogues in Northern Utah were threatened by this anonymous writer. Almost at the same time, the Red Cliffs Mall in St. George was also being threatened with very similar wording.

It unfortunately didn’t end there. On October 9, the Cache Valley Mall in Logan and the St. George Regional Airport were both issued bomb threats.

With all of these incidents, authorities on the local and state level have taken each situation seriously, even when the threats are likely just hot air.

Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the St. George Police Department emphasized this sense of duty to protect the public from such threats.

Officer Mitchell said, “We don’t know that they’re fake when they [reports of threats] come in, and so obviously we’re always going to treat them as though it’s the real deal, and then it’s always a relief when it’s not.”

As for why, authorities believe this is the work of a single perpetrator, Officer Mitchell provided some evidence.

“They’re all kind of tied together. So today’s threat was much like yesterday’s threat at the mall, the email was different, but the verbiage was much the same, which when you read them, you could probably assume that they’re probably the same person.”

Authorities are working with SIAC, a statewide information analyst center that compiles all these different threats to differentiate fact from fiction as more threats continue to come in from this unknown perpetrator.

Officer Mitchell said, “So they work with local and federal public safety partners, and they create an information sharing network. We share our information with them, and they take at look at it and compile it and put it together with all the information that’s been sent by other agencies.”

All of this data is being gathered in the hopes of stopping these threats from happening before someone truly gets hurt, or even killed.


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