Shocking statistic No. 1 -- More than 25 percent of Americans who own a two-car garage cannot fit even a single car in that garage.

Shocking statistic No. 2 -- The average American uses most items stored in their garages less than once a year.

Shocking statistic No. 3 -- About one-fourth of Americans are too embarrassed to leave their garage doors open for any length of time.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You see, most garages don't have too much stuff, they're just disorganized.

So here's how to tackle the job. On a day off (Saturday or a holiday), vow to do what it takes to reclaim that precious garage space.

First, take EVERYTHING out of the garage. And I mean everything: cars, mowers, boxes, Christmas decorations, whatever. Take it it all out and put it in your driveway.

Once everything is out, start sorting by "use often," "use occasionally," "use yearly (holiday decor) and "use rarely or never."

This can be painful, but very therapeutic.

Sort the items and put the like items together -- except the "use rarely or never" items. You know what's coming. That's right, Chuck Em!

Next, create a sketch or map that INCLUDES where you want to park your cars and begin to move items back into the garage, making the "use often" stuff closer to your inside garage door.

"Use occasionally" items can be a bit further away and holiday décor can be tucked away in a far corner.

There is no reason we can't use the garage for some storage, but also for its originally intended purpose of storing our cars.

Pro tip: If you can afford it, built-in shelves and the use of large plastic storage bins help tremendously.

I've got so many more ideas to help you declutter your life, so look for them in future editions of "Decluttering your life with Mindee Neatnik."

Mindee Neatnik
Mindee Neatnik

* Mindee Neatnik is a St. George resident who takes pride in her married life, her neat-to-a-tee home and her thriving business (Neatnik's DC) of helping Washington County residents clean up their lives. Mindee is married (Brent) and has three perfect children. Well, at least she thinks they are. Reach her on Truth Social at @Mindeeneatnik.

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