St. George City made this announcement yesterday.

Because we have great weather (the recent rain notwithstanding) here in Utah's Dixie, it allows for road construction all year long.

That can be a good thing as the 12-month schedule can make the different road blockages spread out over time, meaning less delays for all.

One of the projects that the city has had in mind for some time is the resurfacing of Dixie Drive. Part of that project will begin tomorrow. From the St. George City website:

"Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 18, there will be significant construction on Dixie Drive, as contractors will be replacing asphalt from the section between Valley View Drive to the north and Canyon View Drive to the south.
"Traffic will only be one lane in each direction. Please plan for some extra time on your commute. We appreciate your patience!"
The plea was Tweeted and posted on Facebook as well by Mayor Michele Randall and other members of the city leadership in an effort to get out ahead of the project.
Comments online were mostly respectful, although there were a number of commenters questioning the location of the resurfacing and others that pointed out other streets in the city that need attention as well (namely Valley View and 3050 east).
City leaders also posted that the speed limit along the construction area will be reduced to 30-miles per hour and they admonished drivers to slow down and drive courteously.
St. George City Police Department will also add extra patrols and pay special attention to the area in question during the construction. Speeding fines are double in construction and school zones.

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