KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 80 


Statewide News – 10/25/23 

Powder Mountain Ski Resort Named No. 1 in the Western U.S. 

A new survey has ranked Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Utah as the No. 1 skiing destination in the western United States. 

The resort located near Eden rose through the ranks of the 2024 Ski Reader Resort Survey, and it’s a bit of a comeback story. 

Last year’s edition of the survey had the resort listed at No. 18, giving the Powder Mountain Ski Resort a 17-place jump for this year’s survey. 

Seven other Utah ski resorts made the ranks this year, including Snowbasin Resort taking the second-place spot. 

Pole Dancing Skeleton Continues to Ruffle Feathers 

The pole dancing skeleton decoration from Grantsville is still making waves after being taken down from a public street sign by city officials. 

The purple haired skeleton has now been placed on private property with an audience of male skeletons sitting in lawn chairs. 

The community is still divided on the decoration, with one resident voicing their support for the city’s decision to get rid of the decoration from the street sign. The owner of the skeleton decoration is one Christopher Fujishin. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 10/25/23 

Construction Begins on Major St. George Road 

Tuweap Drive through Sunset Boulevard in St. George will be sealed starting today as a part of St. George City’s Street Maintenance Program. 

Construction will occur every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until October 30, and many lane closures are expected along with other inconveniences if you need to use Sunset Boulevard for your morning commute. 

More Details on Fish Fossil Found in Zion 

More details have been revealed regarding the recently discovered fish fossil that’s over 200 million years old.  

According to experts from the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site the prehistoric fish may be Lower Jurassic Coelacanth. 

This type of coelacanth would differ from the modern-day counterpart that lives in the Indian Ocean, since this ancient fish lived in fresh water. 

Deadline for Cedar City Flag Vote 

Cedar City is getting a new flag, and the possible candidates have been narrowed down to six finalists.  

Residents can vote on their preferred design on the city’s website until November 1, and the final decision will be announced by the city council on November 8. 

The new flag is part of a new initiative from Cedar City’s Youth Council, and you can vote for your favorite design here. 

Reminder: Day of the Dead Celebration at St. George Art Museum 

The St. George Art Museum will host a Day of the Dead celebration today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with traditional food and drink for the occasion. 

Pan de muerto (bread of the dead) will be served along with horchata (sweet rice milk) while supplies last. 

Free entertainment will be provided starting at 7 p.m. from Ballet Folklorico Anayansi along with a special Day of the Dead exhibit available at the museum. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton is a big fan of the arts, specifically theater, but he hasn’t been in a show since 2020. Stockton misses being a part of community productions, but due to his work schedule, he’s unable to partake in one of his favorite pastimes. Maybe one day he’ll be able to perform once again.  

Happy Wednesday! 


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