U.S. Senator Mitt Romney is proposing a temporary pay raise for essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to help compensate essential workers who are at greater risk of COVID-19, Romney (R-UT) proposes “Patriot Pay", a temporary bonus of up to $12 per hour in May, June, and July. 

For example, with ‘Patriot Pay’ a grocery store clerk earning $10 per hour would receive an hourly bonus of $12 for a total of $22 per hour.

“Patriot Pay is a way for us to reward our essential workers as they continue to keep Americans safe, healthy, and fed,” said Romney.

One-quarter of the bonus would be paid by their employer, and three-quarters would be paid by the federal government, funded by a refundable payroll tax credit. 

Under Romney’s plan eligible workers would include — healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, and employees at food processing plants.

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