The St. George Airport runway reconstruction project hit the 30% completion milestone.

About 2,800 feet of the critical reconditioned clay plug material was placed.

There is another 2,600 feet of this material to install.

Crews continue to work two, 11 hour shifts per day, five days a week including July 4th.

In addition, the crews placing the suitable fill material on top of the clay plug are following closely behind.

They have put down 215,000 cubic yards or enough to fill 28.5 Goodyear Blimps!

A key area to the overall success of the project is the testing of material.

About every eight minutes a test is taken on the project.

These tests confirm the moisture content of the material, gradations and classification of the soil. All tests adhere to ASTM accredited standards.

Additionally, the welded seams of the Geomembrane Liner are air tested twice a day. Any air penetration is noted, and the area is fixed.

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